Privacy Policy

Last change: 19.03.2020 (V02)

Personal data (usually referred to just as "data" below) will only be processed by us to the extent necessary and for the purpose of providing a functional and user-friendly app, including its contents, and the services offered there.

Per Art. 4 No. 1 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the "GDPR"), "processing" refers to any operation or set of operations such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination, or otherwise making available, alignment, or combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction performed on personal data, whether by automated means or not.

The following privacy policy is intended to inform you in particular about the type, scope, purpose, duration, and legal basis for the processing of such data either under our own control or in conjunction with others. We also inform you below about the third-party components we use to optimize our website and improve the user experience which may result in said third parties also processing data they collect and control.

Our privacy policy is structured as follows:

I. Information about us as controllers of your data
II. The rights of users and data subjects
III. Information about the data processing

I. Information about us as controllers of your data

The party responsible for this website (the "controller") for purposes of data protection law is:

Bytelovers GbR
Martin Gollbach
Danziger Str. 124
D-40670 Meerbusch

Telephone: +49 2159 5339747
Email: info(at)

The controller's data protection officer is: Martin Gollbach

II. The rights of users and data subjects

With regard to the data processing to be described in more detail below, users and data subjects have the right

In addition, the controller is obliged to inform all recipients to whom it discloses data of any such corrections, deletions, or restrictions placed on processing the same per Art. 16, 17 Para. 1, 18 GDPR. However, this obligation does not apply if such notification is impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. Nevertheless, users have a right to information about these recipients.

Likewise, under Art. 21 GDPR, users and data subjects have the right to object to the controller's future processing of their data pursuant to Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) GDPR. In particular, an objection to data processing for the purpose of direct advertising is permissible.

III. Information about the data processing

Your data processed when using our app will be deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose for its storage ceases to apply, provided the deletion of the same is not in breach of any statutory storage obligations or unless otherwise stipulated below.

App data

Our service Shyph allows users to view photos from other users nearby or logged in with a matching geo location.

For this our app sends your geo location periodically to our server. This allows us to response with a photo and nick name from other users nearby or logged in with a matching geo location.

Our app allows you to send own photos together with your geo location and your nick name to our server. These photos will be distributed to all users of the service with a matching geo location for a short time (several minutes).

These data are stored on our server for a short time (several minutes) to serve our users. After this time these data will be deleted from the server and can not be received by others anymore.

Users with the Plus Function can store received photos on there device.

Users with the Plus Function also can view the photos on a web browser.

Do not send photos which should not be public visible as every user of our service with a matching geo loaction will receive your photos.

For additional protection of your photos users with Plus Function can protect their photos with an additional PIN but Bytelovers does not guarantee that this mechanism works under all conditions.

Bytelovers will not store your photos for longer then several minutes. Bytelovers will not share, copy or distribute your photo for to other purposes than describes here.

Bytelovers will raise statistical data about the time, number of uploads and locations used. These data will be used to improve our service and do not include any personal data of our users.

Server data

For technical reasons, the following data sent by your app to us or to our server provider will be collected, especially to ensure a secure and stable website: These server log files record the type and version of your app, operating system, the date and time of your visit, as well as the IP address from which you visited our site.

The data thus collected will be temporarily stored, but not in association with any other of your data.

The basis for this storage is Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in the improvement, stability, functionality, and security of our website.

The data will be deleted within no more than seven days, unless continued storage is required for evidentiary purposes. In which case, all or part of the data will be excluded from deletion until the investigation of the relevant incident is finally resolved.


If you contact us via email, the data you provide will be used for the purpose of processing your request. We must have this data in order to process and answer your inquiry; otherwise we will not be able to answer it in full or at all.

The legal basis for this data processing is Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. b) GDPR.

Your data will be deleted once we have fully answered your inquiry and there is no further legal obligation to store your data, such as if an order or contract resulted therefrom.

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